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News   - 04/07/2010

Next-Gen iPhones, iPod touch, iPad Listed in iPhone OS 3.2 Filesystem

One of the BGR’s connects has been digging around the iPad filesystem and found references to two new iPhone models, one iPod touch that’s waiting to be released and, check this, a major update to the iPad, Apple’s latest baby. While the new iPhones could hit as soon as June, alongside the beefed up iPod touch (which hopefully, finally boasts a camera), the major iPad revision these listings seem to be referring to shouldn’t be expected until next year.

The BGR, whose track record is accurate on such matters, has received a tip from one of its sources, which possibly reveals Apple’s upcoming plans in the portable segment. Those who regularly peek inside the iPhone’s filesystem know that an “iPhone2,1” listing hints at the current iPhone 3GS. In the same manner, a listing for “iPod 2,2” refers to the latest iPod touch. The curious “iProd” account has been confirmed as related to the iPad. A 2,1 next to the “iProd” listing is certainly curious, as Apple only launched its first tablet device last week.

Not surprisingly, new iPhone and iPod listings were also found in the iPad’s iPhone OS 3.2, with BGR noting that, “While today marks the first day the Apple iPad went on sale, it also gives us a glimpse into the upcoming stuff from Cupertino. One of our connects has been digging around the iPad filesystem and found references to the following,” and proceeding to list the relevant references to the upcoming devices: iPhone3,2; iPhone3,3; iPod4,1; iProd2,1. The tech-site explains that the first two are iPhones, while the third is an iPod touch. They are all new, unreleased versions as well.

Apple is hosting an iPhone-focused event tomorrow. OS 4.0, a revision to the current iPhone software, lies at the heart of everything set to be announced tomorrow in Cupertino. Select members of the media have received invitations to the event, which, some believe, will also see Apple announce its entrance in the advertising space.

Source: softpedia.com    
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